MathML Conversion

eBooks are digital files that book buyers download over the internet and generate their own hardcopy. The eBook medium is particularly suited for educational, health and body-mind-spirit topics and workbooks. The format works best for short publications as number of pages affects the download time. We offer file prep services to convert your manuscript to an industry standard layout of minimal file size.

Manuscripts are edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation to meet professional publication standards if author has already submitted manuscript to a professional editing service. Layout includes chapter assembly, pagination, table of contents and photos. Add on pricing available for artwork, charts, graphs, diagrams.

Our multi-platform resources enable us to produce the best output in the ebooks conversion relating to various subjects. Seasoned and dedicated staff certifies that the project is completed on schedule and within the specified target. We are capable of handling a wide range of books. Be it academic texts, literary books, books in the field of sciences, social and corporate manuals our state-of-the-art establishment facilitates a smooth editorial and production strategy for all your books. Our teams of expert editors and production managers are equipped with the skills to manage simple texts as well as complex mathematical and scientific projects. The processes include: