HTML Conversion

HTML conversion is converting documents into a protocol that is understood by a browser. It is useful for the management of large amounts of information that can be read through a browser. The scanned pages are converted into editable text characters and coded in Hyper Text Markup Language for the web.

We provide a full range of document and html conversion services. Our conversion services are designed to support organizations engaged in improving their Document/Data Lifecycle Management.

Numerous organizations have migrated to a complete digital environment during the past years. Traditional users of paper, film and other document and data mediums are being replaced it in favor of digital and real-time access. This is true as the data management costs for all industries continue to diminish as cost of imaging and digital storage decrease.

The challenge for companies is converting the vast repositories of information from its traditional source, i.e., paper, and incompatible databases, to accessible data environments that are extensible across the organization.

We have decades of experience designing solutions for html conversion, any type of source material to data structure, whether the starting point is paper, microfilm, microfiche, image files or electronic data.

We have software, customized to the organizations specific requirements. Large documents can be handled to convert into web pages based on heading levels. A table of contents and navigation between pages is generated automatically. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be generated based on the styles used in the source documents. We extract objects (e.g. spreadsheets, PDF files) from source documents creating links to them. Images converted to specify image formats i.e. jpeg, gif. Supporting conversion of word tables and indexes.