An integrated solution for enabling documents in XML and other structured data formats. To provide an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating publication-quality, technical documents that integrate text, searchable typeset formulas, equations, graphics, hyperlinks, endnotes, and references. Built-in templates and style sheets simplify the creation of documents that conform to established formats but also allow for complete customization. Combination of ease of use and cutting-edge technology makes it the first choice for authoring structured technical documents for electronic or print publication.

A yearlong effort by our R&D team resulted in an invention that revolutionized the display of mathematical equations in Advent's 3B2. Up to that time, 3B2 did not support MathML DTD, a concept that is fast finding favor in the industry. Our scientists succeeded in inventing a method to incorporate MathML DTD in 3B2 - an invention that accelerated the automation process to an extent that it is used the world over today.