Dream Systems

Changing the Future

We understand that quality is a critical and indispensable factor for success in any project. Quality assurance process and norms at Dream Systems are designed to meet the client's expectations and our exacting internal standards. We assure problem-free and quality work on improving our processes and quality initiatives.

Company Policy

Dreamsystems has been serving the content production and conversion needs of several publishers, typesetters, associations, and organizations for more than eight years now.

Working Criteria

We specialize in composition and pre-press services such as data capturing, data conversion, typesetting and document scanning. Our conversion process caters XML, SGML, QuarkXPress, MS-Word for Windows, HTML, etc.

"An increasing number of companies today try to manage the work-flow only, irrespective to the quality and accuracy of the work, but Dreamsystrems' first priority is always to be very strict about the quality of the contents each time."
R.C. Chandra, Manager

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